The 15 Best Places for Pain Au Chocolat in New York City

Top 5 places to celebrate Parisian Pastry Day with puffy treats

 "You can’t talk about croissants in New York City without mentioning

master pastry chef Laurent Dupal and his Spring St. shop Ceci-Cela..."


". . . it’s the impossibly delicious pastries baked by chef Laurent Dupal. Trained  at the prestigious Compagnons du Devoir du Tour de France, Dupal's motto  is simplicity and freshness, and his beliefs are especially evident in  the uncomplicated pear William cake, which combines heavenly mousseline custard crème, fresh pears and a delicate vanilla cake. Also try the raspberry-filled  Napoleons or the uncharacteristically fancy opera cake, filled with espresso  and chocolate crèmes and topped with edible gold.”

“In the world of pastry making, fragility is often a sign of  excellence. The Ceci-Cela tuile is so buttery, and so delicate, that the  moment you put it into your mouth, and touch it with your tongue, it begins to crumble into crisp, buttery, almond-flavored morsels.”


“You'd think in a city brimming with French expats and bakeries that a good pain au chocolat would be a cinch to find. Not so. But your search can end at Ceci-Cela  . . .”


“ . . . the one I keep returning for is their Cherry Danish . . .”