Frozen Items



uncooked and frozen

Croissant   full size

Croissant Parisien   full, medium, mini

Pain au Chocolat   full, medium, mini

Almond Croissant Parisien   full size

Cream Cheese Danish   full, medium, mini

Raisin Danish   full, medium, mini

Apple Turnover   full, medium, mini

Jumelles   full, mini sizes

Ham & Cheese Croissant   full size

Spinach Ricotta Turnover    full size

Whole Wheat Croissant   full size

Puff Pastry Sheet

Pate Brisee

full sheet cakes

frozen and ungarnished

Strawberry Charlotte   lady fingers, vanilla genoise,

strawberry mousse, strawberries

Raspberry Chocolate   chocolate genoise, chocolate mousse, vanilla whipped cream with raspberries

Pistachio Lemon Mousse   pistachio-almond sponge cake, vanilla-lemon mousse, pistachio filling

Le Tropical   vanilla genoise, coconut and pineapple mousse, fresh pineapple, coconut shavings


Black Forest   chocolate genoise, vanilla whipped

cream, amarena cherries